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HomesUSA.com Advantage now supports your in-house MLS listing management efforts and increases your bottom line by $776 per MLS listing.

All while improving the accuracy and efficiency of your listing management processes.

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Organic telephone and email inquiries are automatically forwarded to the builder’s preferred personnel. Callers are asked to enter the MLS# which is always at the beginning of the property description. Calls are automatically re-routed to the builder’s specified number. Our email system is programmed to recognize the property of interest and automatically forwards the email to up to five email addresses.

The Lead Manager collects leads from a variety of sources with all the information needed to follow up with interested buyers.

Increases direct non-commission sales by directing buyers straight to your homes. Buyers can search real estate portals for Open Houses, and with that information go directly to the property without an appointment with a real estate agent.

When an agent cannot find a home in MLS that meets a client’s criteria, they can post those criteria in MLS. Then, when a listing appears on MLS that meets those criteria, both agent and client receive an email notice. The client can then indicate if they love or like the property. HomesUSA.com makes this information available to builders and their sales teams.

Five online reports include Selling Agent, New Home Sales, CMA, Realtor Office, and Listing Agent. In two seconds, a report with current MLS information is produced and available for downloading or printing.

In addition to managing MLS listings HomesUSA.com provides an exclusive suite of services developed specifically for production home builders that are unavailable elsewhere. MLS listing management by agents’ and builders’ in-house does little more than enter and change MLS information.

  • Scatter charts that compare all community sales or listings by builder make it easy to see what the competition is doing.
  • Zip Code Maps and Graphs show bubble maps and six sales performance charts for new and resale homes in markets where we operate. Users can select data by zip codes, area by radius or rectangular areas. Data is displayed by number of sales, sales price, days on market, number of listings, sales price as a percent of list price, and pending sales.
  • The Texas Index has six graphs that show number of sales, sales price, days on market, number of listings, sales price as a percent of list price, and pending sales activity for Texas’ four largest markets.

HomesUSA.com integrates Lasso, Salesforce, and other builder CRMs with organic internet leads received from real estate portals, further simplifying lead management and saving time.

Builders’ XML data feeds can be accepted without modification, which increases both accuracy and saves time. Data can also be pulled directly from a builder’s website to serve this purpose.

ShowingTime is agents’ preferred scheduling method and is integrated into HomesUSA.com. Sales counselors are notified of the time, agent name and contact information via the ShowingTime App.

Significant time is saved in creating new or changing existing MLS listings by combining data in the HomesUSA.com database with builders’ website data.

HomesUSA.com staff are online Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM to add listings or make changes in an average of 13 minutes. Last minute changes to price, availability, status, or other information are completed when builders need them, not when it’s convenient to an agent.

HomesUSA.com is conveniently online 24 hours every day and is available for users to add or change MLS listings, download reports, or review listings status.

Users have access to online chat and phone support six days a week during our extended service hours.

MLS listing management can be accomplished by builder’s marketing department or sales counselors. If data is managed by sales counselors, price and other fields can be locked to prevent unauthorized changes.

Validations to prevent common mistakes to price, square footage, garage size, completion date, lot size, spelling, status, and many more are automatically performed by our system.

Data synchronicity is ensured when data is received via XML or data websites.

Discrepancy reports detail price and status discrepancies between MLS and builder websites for each MLS listing.

Because photography is the most important element of an MLS listing HomesUSA.com includes professional photography and editing to make the sky blue, the grass green and minor photoshopping. Hi Res photos are included. Virtual tours and other add-on services are also available.

The Media Manager facilitates the ordering, tracking, and storage of photos and related media. It also contains an internal communication tool that maintains a record of communications with the builder, photographer, and HomesUSA.com personnel to increase efficiency.

HomesUSA.com can be available in all markets in which production builders operate. Regional and national management have access to a dashboard that provides in-depth information about their listings, the competition, and the market.

The HomesUSA.com platform went online in 2007 and has been adopted by more than 60 builders who have been loyal and often generous with their complements about our service. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.